About us here at Crimson fox studios

Who we are

Art has been around since the beginning.  From grade school to the post office and even through today, art has been there.  Being able to create something that brings others joy when they look at it is a passion.  We are nerds and without the wonderful support of all the amazing nerds out there, Crimson Fox Studios wouldn't be what it is today.

Art and an Artist

The art created through Crimson Fox Studios takes a few different ways.  Sometime it will be custom art painted on glass.  Other times it will be digital designs.  Other times still will be traditional ink on paper.  All of these can create a unique look, a feel that is the right match for the art that you are looking for.  We want to tailor each piece to the buyer and having these different canvas's let us do that.

My Muse

Fantasy art and comic book style art are my go to styles but as with many things in life, there are so many different genres out there that there is no way I could limit myself to just two topics.  That would miss out on all the wonder of people heroes, professional athletes, vehicles, brands, logos, and so many more pieces that can inspire to create something wonderful.  The biggest inspiration for me is making something you will look at and care about.