Exquisite Glass and Metal Collectibles

What you Get

Beautiful Custom Art and Prints

With our Glass and Metal Art and Collectibles, you can have custom art created and prints of previous art. 

Better Understanding of Your Art

By providing clear descriptions and customer reviews, you can better understand what the art piece is and what can be created. 

Skill and attention to detail

Each of our custom art pieces is meticulously created by hand, and as a result, you get your very own masterpiece to display or give as a special gift.

Why Work with us

You will be the proud owner of a unique piece of art.

You can show off that art to friends and family and be proud to tell them that you’re supporting a small, veteran-owned business.


You can now add a piece of art to your home or office that speaks to you and your style.


You can start your own collection of art.

You will have a piece that will bring you joy and excitement each time you look at it.

Why We’re Different

We understand that it can be challenging to understand the value of art and items, so we provide more detailed descriptions and customer reviews. This way, you can better understand what to expect from the product and make a more informed decision. We also provide helpful advice on how to make the most of your purchase. By understanding the product’s value, you can be more confident in your purchase.

How It Works

Have an initial idea of what you want, whether a commissioned or previously created piece.

Speak with us about your vision, or if you would like us to design the piece. 

We will discuss the process of having your work created, including upfront fees and other factors that will allow this to progress to a final piece. 


I have purchased 3 Star Wars art pieces from Crimson Studios. I absolutely love his work. Love that his pieces can come on metal sheets which only add so much more uniqueness to it. Such an amazing artist. Highly recommend any of his work.

James Bryant

I asked Fox to make a Devastator Transformers piece for my husband as a surprise Christmas gift a couple years back and it is a highlight in our game room! my husband absolutely loves it and I am so impressed with the work. with the custom painted and carved frame to match, it was perfect. Plus, it matches the model of Devastator that we already had.

– Natalie Steele

Besides being done in a timely matter and shipped very well and fast. The art is out of this world very nice. Will for sure be getting another piece!!!

– James Mcguire

An amazing artist who also happens to be a Veteran. Aside from his terrible taste in football teams, he is the best in the business putting out unique art you won't find anywhere else.

– Austin Borden
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Meet the Artist

Andrew Fox

Art has always been a passion of mine. As a child, I constantly left pictures I had doodled for others to find. In grade school, I left ninja turtle drawings on my desk for the students in the next class. In middle school, I tried to convince the post office to include my drawings in their mail delivery. I also drew my characters and mailed them to Marvel in a sealed envelope stating “confidential.” I was inspired when I noticed my favorite comic book shop owner was presenting local artists’ comic renditions in their window. In high school, my teacher, Mr. Troxell, advocated to have my art displayed in hospitals and art galleries in Emporia.